Nordflam - Brema Fireplace, 11kW

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BREMA - is a functional three sided glass fireplace with a modern look. It is made of high quality cast iron and characterized by unique style and elegance.

BREMA has an adjustable tertiary system to bring air to the combustion chamber, so called. ′′ boosting gases ′′ that affects the fire pit with intakes placed on the back wall of the enclosure. It adds wood gas, released during the combustion process, which affects the high efficiency of the furnace and reduces pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. Additional deflector limits heat loss.

An undoubted asset is a large triple glazing allowing you to enjoy a great vision of fire. The heating power of 11 kW allows you to use a furnace in interiors with diverse heating needs. BREMA stove meets ecodesign requirements.

*** Price excludes flue pipes, parts and installation cost. To be quoted separately depending on installation requirements.

Product Specifications:

  • Heat output: 11kW
  • Heating Capacity: 300m3
  • Strength of materials: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 1340kg
  • Efficiency: 65%
  • Flue pipe diameter: 150mm
  • Dimensions WxDxH: 722 x 481 x 701

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