Kratki Fireplaces - Brand Introduction


Kratki Fireplaces are products that are renowned for their quality and durability as well as being at the forefront of design. The company is driven to provide its customers with safe and effective products.

The Kratki Fireplaces brand has garnered enormous trust and earned its leading place in the heating industry by offering quality products at affordable prices. This is the result of decades spent getting to know their customers and the people that sell Kratki products.



Kratki has gained an in-depth understanding of the heating industry and responds rapidly to the changing needs of the market. The ever-expanding product range is a testament to the brand’s success.

Great care and attention to detail is taken when manufacturing each product. The team of highly experienced designers believe that safety, efficiency and low CO2emissions are the most important factors to consider when designing new models. Each product should be unique while meeting the users’ needs, whether it be through design, functionality or technology.

Kratki Product Range on Multifire : 

Freestanding Fireplaces:

Built-In Fireplaces:


The Kratki laboratory is constantly being expanded and equipped with the most advanced technology and machinery in the fireplace industry. Finding the balance between automation and workmanship, Kratki have increased production efficiency while retaining their craftsman expertise. All the fireplaces are thoroughly assessed in the laboratory according to strict efficiency, power, temperature and CO2 emission standards before being officially certified.

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